JENNA RAE CALI dance_1.jpg Picture_1.png jen_face.jpg Picture_1.png Dance_2.jpg The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.

My name is Jenna Rae Cali and I am 21 years old. I am currently study at James Cook University undertaking the Post Graduate Diploma of Education. The Graduate Diploma of Education is an intensive one year program meeting the requirements of the Queensland College of Teachers for registration as a teacher. As a preservice teacher my aim is to be involved in continual professional development to enhance and develop my skills as an educator. Currently I am in my last semester of my Diploma and absolutely can’t wait to become a primary school teacher.

Prior to undertaking my Graduate Diploma I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Dance, which is my other true passion. This practice-based degree provided specialist training in a diverse range of dance styles, whilst an intensive choreographic and performance program also enabled me high-quality qualifications for any dance teaching or performance position. My dance training commenced at the age of three, and in my seventeen years of dance training, I have completed both the RAD and FATD dance syllabuses with admirable achievements and have performed with numerous Australian and International choreographers. If possible one day I would love to perform again, though if not I want to continue to share my passion with the students I teach, opening them to the wonderful world of dance.