Myths Brainstorming Machine
Online Interactive Spelling Games
Dance Mat Typing
Online Picture Books
Introduction to Similies
Similies Activity 1
Similies / Coordinates Activity
Similies matching activity
Onomatopoeia - Exploring sounds
Onomatopoeia - Tigger Youtube
Onomatopoeia - Youtube Sounds and Words
Onomatopoeia - Youtube disney song
Onomatopoeia - Youtube introduction classroom
Creative Friends Poetry Youtube
Adjectives - Youtube
Rhyming Sesame St - Youtube
Interactive Game - Haunted HousePhonics (K-2)
Learning to read- great site (K-6)
Spell city (K-6)
BBC Children - Stories for junior students.
Starfall - Reading activities and games for N.E. and Year 1 students
Numeracy and Literacy Games - Online games for junior students.
CBeebies - Stories and Rhymes online reading activities for juniors
Can You Follow Directions? - Tina will give you directions. Click on the pictures in the correct order.
BookPALS Storyline Online Listen to stories online!
Writing Fun Text Organizers


Dancing Minds and Shouting Smiles: Teaching Personification Through Poetry (3-5)
In this lesson, students reflect on the use of personification in three classic poems, comparing and contrasting how each poet uses it. Students then complete a prewriting exercise before writing their own poems using personification.
Dynamite Diamante Poetry (3-5)
This lesson combines grammar and spelling instruction with creative writing. Students review nouns, adjectives, and verbs and are introduced to gerunds. They then write and revise diamante poems using these types of words.


Spin and Spell


Myths and legends homepage
What are myths and legends
Myths and legends to listen to
Maui and the Sun
Maui and the Sun 2
Myths and Legends - how to write your own


Narratives - excellent site


Thick and Thin Questions
Thick and Thin questions - posters


Maths who wants to be a mathionallaire
Maths games - all strands
Maths puzzles and games
Maths resources - all strands
Smart Board Maths Activities
Online Stop Watch
Maths Videos
Multiplication Magician
Bang on the Clock
Whats the time?
Time Games
Teaching Clock
Spinner (K-6)
Calculator (K-6)
Banana Hunt - Learn angles using bananas and a monkey.
Count us In - Maths website for Years 0 - 3
Great math games website
Numeracy and Literacy Games - Online games for junior students.
Maths Teacher's Tool Kit Selection of maths tools and Learning Objects
Shapeville game Find the shapes in everyday pictures.
Your Number's up! This is a four player game (5 if someone is in charge of the mouse) Number bond activity quick little game for young children to work with number bonds to 10 and 20
Angles good challenge type game to get students creating angles and making decisions
Interactive Games great math addition, subtraction, angle etc interactive games
Multiplication Interactive Games excellent multiplication games for any times table


Olympic sentence builders
Olympic activities
One world One Dream video
Online Olympic Games activity sites
YOU TUBE Beijing Olympics
YOU TUBE Olympic official song
YOU TUBE - Olympic mascots
Olympics - craft ideas

Animal Homes (K-2)

ABC TV's Our Animals


Teacher Made Activities For Teaching Responsibility



Linda Ashtons People, Arts and Places Webpage


Fun Science Experiments
Animal Homes (K-2)
Water/Water Cycle - Free presentations in PowerPoint format, interactive activities, lessons for K-12
Simple Machines - Your students will love this interactive website!
ABC TV's Our Animals
BBC school science clips
Understanding Sound Play Ocean Odyssey and learn about sound and how it travels.
Third Grade Science Activities Practice your Science Skills and knowledge!
Second Grade Science Activities Practice your science skills and knowledge!
First Grade Science Activities Practice your Science skills and knowledge!
Butterfly Life Cycle A simple, easy to read diagram of a butterfly's life cycle.
Let's Learn About Insects! Learn about what insects are and about the many different kinds of insects on our planet.
Science Activities Learn about health, plants, animals and much more!
DinosaursLearn about over 40 different dinosaurs!
Seasons & Day and night Great teaching tool


Primary Resources
Online Picture Books
Cogs for Blogs/Wiki
Enhancing Wiki
Word Art tool
Involving the Web
Cool Tools for Schools
BBC Resources
Woodlands ResourcesPractice your typing skills. Click here
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SPELLING FUN. Look,Say,Cover, Write and Check
Funschool Kaboose - Exciting INteractive games, Science, Sose,